What's New?

FRC World Championship April 25-29 2018: Was hosted at the Cobo center in Detroit 623 attended and placed 30th in the Daly division.
FRC Chesapeake District Championship March 28-31 2018: Was hosted at the Xfinity center at the university of Maryland 623 attended and placed 5th and won the quality award.
FRC Southern Maryland Qualifier March 16-18 2018: Was hosted at Oxon Hill High school 623 attended and placed 1st and won the innovation in control award.
FRC Northern Virginia Qualifier March 3-4 2018: Was hosted on March 3-4 at Battlefield High school 623 attended and placed 6th overall.

Countdown Until Competition:

About Cougar Robotics

Robotics competes in the First Tech Challenge and First Robotics Challenge each year. FTC begins in September and FRC begins in January.


Cougar Robotics meets in Room 195 on Mondays from 6:00-8:30 and Wednesdays from 6-8:30.