Cougar Robotics FTC Team 226/369

The FIRST Tech Challenge is an annual competition between various teams from different highschools and middle schools. The teams compete with other teams and with their alliance partner. Team 226 and 369 are sister teams from the same highschool. The two teams support each other and cheer on the other in both competitions and building process. The FTC team in Oakton has been running since 2001. There are many experienced mentors and professionals leading the Oakton FTC robotics team. Alumni help current members and experienced members help prepare underclassmen to lead the club.

The FIRST Technology Challenge/FTC is designed to be a smaller and simpler version of the FRC competition. Teams build an 18" robot rather than a 36" robot, and it is much faster to build. However, the competition and robots are no less intense, and students gain the same design, mechanical, and programming skills as their counterparts in FRC. Team 623 mentors both teams 226 and 369, and all of our current members are alumni of one of the two teams. During their build season, we help them divide and conquer the momentous task of building and programming these robots. In FRC, members specialize into either programmers or builders, but FTC helps us identify good builders or programmers and help them develop their skills.

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