Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide us with financial support and other support whether it is a mentor, food, or knowledge. They help us build and program our bots and travel to competitions. We heavily rely on our sponsors to keep us afloat and push us to improve ourselves.

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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin not only supports us financially, but also provides us a team mentor, Tom Convery. He shares the company's respect for leadership, community, and technology, and encourages us to do the same. Lockheed Martin is a global defense, security, aerospace, and AI development company.

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Leido' high standards of integrity and ethical behavior keep our minds focused on our goals. Leidos works in defense, health, intelligence, and civil engineering. In addition to their financial support for our team, Leidos also gives money to help FIRST run events.


Octo's drive to provide their customers with easy to understand information and cybersecurity solutions. Their IT solutions give our programmers insight to perfect their code. Their financial and educational support helps our programmers reach their goals.

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PTSA logo

Oakton High School PTSA

Our school's PTSA helps us financially and by promoting the club to students and parents. They also help us secure meeting times at school during the weekend.